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Amazing Christmas Gifts for Silhouette & Cricut Crafters

If you're a Cricut or Silhouette user and you have no idea what Santa should bring you this year, you've come to the right place! Here is a list of amazing gift ideas for crafters, with choices for every level of crafting expertise and budget. 


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Fancier Studio Heat Press
F2C Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press
A heat press is a game changer for Cricut and Silhouette crafters! There are many brands and models available. I personally have a Fanicerstudio clamshell style press and love it! It doesn't take up too much space and it does an excellent job pressing heat transfer vinyl for t-shirts and more.
Swing Arm models like the F2C Pro 5 in 1  are also great because they let you visualize your workspace well and there's less risk of burning your hands when you're making adjustments. This one comes with extra attachments for caps, mugs, and plates, which makes it an excellent option if you're interested in sublimation.


CB09 Blade
Carbide Blades for Cricut
If you're anything like me, you use your vinyl cutter constantly, which means the standard Cricut or Silhouette blades don't last long at all. Once I tried a CB09 carbide blade in my machine, I could never go back. One of these babies lasts months even with heavy use, and they give an amazingly precise cut even when you are cutting teeny tiny designs. Another version of the carbide blade is also available for Cricuts.


Cricut Bright Pad
Have you ever struggled with weeding vinyl because you can't quite make out your weeding lines? The Cricut Bright Pad is the perfect solution to this problem! Place your vinyl over this backlit light pad, and it will make your cut lines much easier to see!


Wait a minute - what is a nail polish holder doing on a craft supply list??? Well, this little gadget does double duty! If you've ever worked with heat transfer vinyl, you know the little scraps end up going everywhere. The Tweexy is amazing for holding those itty bitty pieces - just stick your weeding pick or tweezers inside and it will grab the scraps right off!


Art Bin Smart Satchel
I am just obsessed with Art Bin Smart Satchels. The basic ones like in the photo come with dividers so you can customize the spaces for whatever craft supplies you want to store! Now your weeding tools, sketch pens, extra blades, etc. all have their own spot and are easy to find! The Smart Satchels without dividers are the perfect size for storing 12x12 scrapbook paper. There are also specialized versions for holding markers, thread if you're into sewing or embroidery, and even one that keeps your little bottles of paint securely in place.


Rolling Cart
Wide rolling carts like this one are also amazing for storage! The wide drawers are perfect for accommodating those 12x15 sheets of heat transfer vinyl, or you can load it up with smaller containers of craft supplies to keep everything organized in one place. You can store your cutting machine on top of it, and the casters are perfect for rolling it out to accommodate your cutting mat, then rolling the cart back out of the way when you're finished crafting.


Art Portfolio
This portfolio book is designed for storing and displaying artwork, but can also serve another purpose - holding your vinyl scraps! There are 48 pockets in this version, so you can organize by type of vinyl, color, etc.


Etching Tool
This tool is perfect for etching and engraving pendants or keychains! It is compatible with Silhouette machines and comes with starter blanks for your first few projects.


Pix Scan Mat
The Silhouette PixScan Mat is seriously amazing! Have a weird shaped vinyl scrap that you want to use, but you're afraid you won't get it lined up just so? This mat takes the guesswork out of placement and makes cutting easy. I love using it for Print and Cut jobs too - no more fussing with registration marks that take up your design space!


Epson Inkjet Printer
Inkjet printers go hand and hand with vinyl cutters, and Epson has a reputation for being both high quality and affordable. Use it for printable vinyl products, making your own custom stickers, creating care cards for your small business, scrapbooking, designing custom invitations, and more!


Oracal 651 Vinyl
Any crafter will tell you that you can never have too much vinyl! Oracal 651 was originally created for the sign industry but works great for smaller Cricut or Silhouette projects like mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, wood signs, permanent decals, or anything else you might personalize or embellish!


Heat Transfer Vinyl
For those crafters who love embellishing fabric with their vinyl cutters, Sister Easyweed is always a great present! This high quality industrial vinyl works great for adding iron-on decals to t-shirts, bags, kitchen towels, throw pillows, framed canvases, and more!
Which of these products will you be adding to your Christmas wish list? We'd love to hear what else you've asked Santa for this year!